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Around 2005, a group of IT experts realized that most IT solutions that were sold to companies did not fulfill the real business needs completely. Also, the project management and maintenance solutions offered to businesses were not adequate for them. This brought the IT professionals to a vision of catering to the unaddressed business needs, consequently founding DotGainen Consulting. The company delivers comprehensive IT solutions, a highly optimized implementation methodology, and project management support along with personalized IT managed services to its customers.

According to Gerard Sellarès, the managing director of DotGainen Consulting, a challenge that continues to prevail in the IT space is making clients comprehend the value of managed services to improve their businesses significantly. Another challenge for the DotGainen Consulting team has been the development of its integration platform, which allows it to offer customized managed services to each client. DotGainen Consulting has risen to these challenges over the years and now provides groundbreaking IT managed services comprising Corporate IT as a Service and Hotel Meetme.

Corporate IT as a Service is a modular solution, which allows DotGainen Consulting to offer personalized products as a service to its customers. Workspace as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, unified communications, users mobility, bring your own device (BYOD), cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, and mobile device management are some of the other Corporate IT as a Service offerings.
The clients can simply hire these services and functionalities without being concerned about the administration, security, lifecycle of hardware/software, updates, or maintenance.

Hotel Meetme, on the other hand, is a managed solution specifically developed for hotels and business centers where virtual professional meetings, events or conferences using telepresence can be conducted seamlessly. It proves instrumental for the hotels in increasing their turnover through conference room bookings, thereby improving the overall brand recognition and customer loyalty.

DotGainen Consulting also provides collaboration solutions comprising cloud collaboration, applied artificial intelligence, customized bots, unified communications, and telepresence. The company even enables its customers to track the status of their services anytime, anywhere with a multi-platform application. “For us, competitive value is our layer of professional services and operational procedures. We verticalize products and services personalized to the needs of each client,” mentions Sellarès. DotGainen Consulting’s association with a law firm illustrates the customer-centric approach of the company. In this association, the client had multiple sites with different networks, tools, and technology controlled by a disconnected workforce, and thus wanted to build a more collaborative, connected organization with homogeneous and centrally controllable security environment. DotGainen Consulting updated the client’s network infrastructure to improve connectivity, flexibility, and scalability. It also deployed workspace as a service, unified communication as a service, and implemented a centrally managed network security solution as a service to increase overall security levels, manage network access, and monitor user and device behavior. As a result, the client witnessed a drastic reduction in time and IT management costs with increased employee mobility and collaboration.

DotGainen Consulting works very closely with leading organizations including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and VMware to develop solutions that guarantee success. “For us, it’s about business, not about technology, and thus, creating a business advantage is our slogan,” says Sellarès. DotGainen Consulting concentrates on its R&D initiatives to stay ahead of the competitive curve and offer the best innovative IT solutions. The company currently invests more than 30 percent of the profit in R&D programs to improveits existing IT managed solutions. The DotGainen Consulting team also looks forward to introducing its services globally, in not only Europe but the US as well.

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